Buying a Home in a "Buyers Market"

While opportunities and need will vary from one buyer to the next, there is one thing that will always remain at the top of the list... Buying smart. 

Everybody wants to know how to "best time the market" when buying a home.  It's just natural.  Especially if you're thinking about buying in a down market (AKA a buyers market) when home prices have declined.  You wonder how low they will go and whether you should wait, right?

Some home buyers should buy IMMEDIATELY!

You may be thinking, I hear agents say that all the time "now is the time to buy."

They're right, here's a handful of the many examples why: 

  • If you are a seller who wants to move up to a more expensive home in a down market, in most cases, now is the best time.
  • With more inventory to choose from, you will have a better chance of finding and purchasing your dream home at a desirable price.
  • Interest rates are at an all time low and new programs are available.
  • Home prices and interest rates low together means this is your window of great opportunity... This buyers market may be here now, but it's not here to stay.
  • Real estate always goes up over time, so buying smart will equate to an equitable future.
  • If you sell and buy simultaneously, you'll still be ahead of the game when the price reduction on the purchase is greater than the loss on the sale.

Things are changing.  The market is going up and down.  Things can be different from one day to the next.  This is why it's so important to talk to your local expert.  The Gardner Team understands the market, changes and trends to help you buy smart now.

Whatever your scenario; first time home-buyer or a seller who needs results now, we have the experience you need.  There's an advantage having The Gardner Team's award winning track record negotiating on your behalf. 

Our local market (Sherwood Oregon and the surrounding areas) are full of opportunities of a lifetime.  With full service solutions for sellers, and free representation for buyers, now is the time to call us about how, when and why to now is an intelligent time to buy in today's market



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