Selling Your Home? Know the Important Interview Questions to Ask!

We always recommend you interview agents.  No two agents are ever alike.  Selling something as significant as your home makes interviewing of paramount importance.  Interviewing will insure you learn first-hand who will provide the best experience to serve your needs.  There are key questions you can be asking in the interview process that will give YOU the power to make informed decisions.  The first step however is making the informed decision now to interview the top producers specializing in the area you're selling your property. This alone will save you time and money.

Because we want to do our part to insure you’re in the BEST possible position, we have a detailed list bullet pointing tough questions that should be asked to your potential agent...

  • How many homes has this agent sold in the past year?
  • What is this agents list-to-selling-price ratio?
  • Will he/she be active in the selling of my home?
  • What advertising opportunities will I be offered?
  • What is his/her knowledge of my neighborhood?
  • What have past clients said about their experience?
  • How is his/her staff involved in the selling of my home?
  • Does it seem like he/she is looking out for my best interest?
  • Can the agent show me how to analyze growth and price trends?
  • Can they provide factual examples to verify answers to my questions?

As TOP Realtors in the State of Oregon, ranked #1 in the City of Sherwood, we’d love the opportunity to interview with you.  Please contact us.


 We believe interviewing is so important.
We even dedicated space to educate sellers about it in our January 2014 newspaper ad!


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